14 December 2015

Thanksgiving Journal

Gaudete Sunday

I recently read an article about keeping a thanksgiving diary, in which one lists ten things each day that one is thankful for. In my Advent journal yesterday, I wrote I wanted to focus on the virtue of GRATITUDE for the rest of the season. These two ideas seem to be a good fit to this pilgrim.


  1. the grace to stand in your presence and minister to you in your sacrament of Eucharist with my wife and son on the Lord's Day
  2. being a member of your parish of St. Lawrence, in Asheville which the Bishop has chosen as a pilgrimage site for the Jubilee Year of Mercy
  3. having found "the zone" in my 3 mile run
  4. the beautiful cool-down walk Jessica and I took afterwards
  5. Sunday breakfasts with my parents
  6. Shelle our realtor who is awesome and patient and a lot of fun
  7. finding a house worth making an offer on, that we might make into our domestic church
  8. lunch with the Vine and running into RCIA folks
  9. Sabbath time with Jessica and naps
  10. great friends with whom to celebrate (congrats, Ryan! on finishing graduate school)
Deo Gratias!

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